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29 Aug

Oscar Wilde Festival in Galway

The Oscar Wilde Festival celebrates its second edition this year – from September 5th to 7th - in Galway. The festival is dedicated to the life and works of Oscar Wilde. After the success of the first edition, the aim is to show the audience the writer's strong ties with this area of Ireland. Recall that the famous poet and writer was born in the Emerald Isle in 1854 and this is the only festival dedicated to him in this country.

This edition will also feature the participation of artists from the United States and United Kingdom. The events begin with a talk, open to the public on Friday night, about the Oscar Wilde connection with the West of Ireland. It will continue on Saturday, a three-way discussion about how the writer is perceived in the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland. The most important female figure in the life of Wilde, her mother, also has a place in the festival.

Finally, the acts of the festival will end on Sunday with a dinner and the premiere of a documentary about the writer, created by the Irish writer Brendan Murphy.

On the festival's website you can get all the information to get tickets for events that require it.

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22 Aug

Galway to host economic conference

From 4-5 September, NUI Galway will host the 11th Irish Society of New Economists Conference.

More than 70 economists coming from all around the world will be there to present and explain their research on different topics such as banking, financial markets, economic growth, but also on crime, education or employment. 

Research findings will be very relevant to help in public policy issues such as enhancing future regional growth, inequality, unemployment, energy systems and obesity related policy issues.

“We are delighted to host the 11th Irish Society of New Economists Conference in Galway this year and look forward to hearing about the exciting research results of so many outstanding new economists from all around the world,” said Prof. Ahearne, Head of Economics at NUI.

One more reason to go study in Galway!

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15 Aug

New records for West Airport Knock

New records for West Airport Knock

Since its foundation 28 years ago, West Airport Knock had never experienced a busy month as this July.

91,000 travellers used the airport in July which beats the previous records of August 2012 (89,500 travellers). The airport now serves 25 international destinations and is served by four of Europe’s biggest airlines (Flybe, Ryanair, Aer Lingus and Germanwings).

New services to Eindhoven, Kaunas and Glasgow have led to an additional 70,000 new seats added on key London services are responsible for this record. Moreover, 2014 is on track to record the busiest year in the airport’s history!

It’s estimated that the airport supports a total of 900 jobs in the region with an overall economic contribution of €133 million annually and the increase in traffic could further enlarge the importance of the airport in the region.

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08 Aug

Galway appeals as much for its landscape

Galway appeals as much for its landscape

Many tourists have chosen visiting Galway and Mayo because of the scenery, according to a recent survey containing views of over 1,000 visitors from home and abroad.

Two-thirds were first time visitors to the area and were aged under 55, with almost half of them couples. They had spent at least one night in the area.

The natural environment got the top score in their overall rating of the tourist experience.

83% of the tourists visited this area because of the beautiful scenery - friendly people was the factor over 40% singled out as the reason they would give the area the thumbs up.

In numbers, when asked why they chose Galway and Mayo, 38% picked beautiful scenery, 13 were visiting family and friends and 10% came on a recommendation. 19% of respondents went hiking and walking, 6% went cycling, and 4% had a go at golf and fishing.

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01 Aug

New hopes in working attitudes

A recent survey of FRS Recruitment (based in Galway) points out the fact that workers’ attitudes are improving incredibly.

The survey concerns people who want to find a new role in their career or are unemployed. In results, there is a decrease of 4 per cent of people who have fears in their job and they think now that they would find a new job more quickly than they could lose it.

Moreover, an increase of workers’ confidence is notable: 6 per cent more think they wouldn’t take a reduction in pay or in their working week. They focus their priorities in the quality of life they would have with the job (location, career path, employer brand, etc.)

To finish, unemployed people are also more confident on the fact that they could regain a job more quickly than before and that they aren’t obliged to change their career to find employment. 
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18 Jul

Galway International Arts Festival is here!

It was officially opened yesterday, 13th July, and exhibitions will open daily from today, 14th July, to 27th July.  Do you like Arts? If so, this is a great option for you.

Here are some artists that attended the event: John Kindness, Enda Walsh, Patrick O’Reilly, Leonie King, Karen Conway, Cillian Murphy and Stephen Rea and John Mahoney.

Throughout the 37 years of its existence, the festival has become a key event for the exhibition of Irish and international arts and has strengthened its reputation as the most important artistic event in Ireland.

This year’s programme presents an exciting mix bringing work out onto the streets and breathing new life into old spaces.

It will be an eclectic mix of Irish and international exhibitions with the introduction of a newly designed city-centre gallery in the former Print Works of the Connacht Tribune on Market Street. 

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11 Jul

Public Bike Rental

Before the end of the summer a public bike rental scheme will launch in Galway. Coca-Cola, the company in charge the program, also will take their black bikes with bright red accents to the cities of Cork and Limerick.

Public Transport Minister, Alan Kelly, said: “To counter that argument, you could also say it is more important to get more people out cycling to deal with the issue of obesity. There is a direct link between physical activity and a decrease in that”.

This initiative, which has already been launched in Dublin thanks to Coca-Cola Zero, aims to help people find a fun and healthy way to get around the city. Galway will have 215 bicycles, 23 bike stations and 445 bike stands.

The registration fee for the program, which will have a pricing structure very similar to the Dublin Bike Scheme will charge a € 10 annual registration fee and this take place closer to the launch date.

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04 Jul

Connemara Summer School Inishbofin

For a week - from 1st - 15th of July – take an adventure to discover the magical Inishbofin Island, off the coast of Connemara. A set of different poets, writers, musicians, archaeologists and all kinds of scientists will help you to discover the human and natural history of the island. There will be no shortage of tours, workshops, lectures and concerts.

Connemara Summer School Inishbofin, which this year celebrates its 30th anniversary, is an important contribution to the economy of the island. This school was founded in 1984 by three local teachers to create environmental awareness and to educate based on the heritage of Inishbofin.

To participate follow the instructions you’ll find on this link, you will also have more details of what awaits you if you decide to join this adventure.

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27 Jun

SmartBear has announced 100 new jobs

The attractiveness of Galway does not seem to stop.

Despite many technology companies already implemented in the Irish capital, Galway becomes increasingly important in this sector.

After SAP and HP, it is the turn of SmartBear to announce new jobs. The American company that provides software announced that its European headquarters will be located in Galway and that will create 100 jobs over the next 5 years, which is once again a boost for the western region of the country.

Good news for everyone, jobs are not only related to new technologies. Of course, some will be related to software development, but there will also be sales, marketing, customer support and finance jobs.

You can check the current opportunities on the official SmartBear site

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20 Jun

Galway International Arts Festival 2014

Galway International Arts Festival will take place from the 14th to the 27th of July, 2014 in Galway. This festival was founded in 1978 and has collaborated with artists and companies from around the world, which allows to present an international program of theatre, dance, visual arts, music, literature but also comedy.

This event has taken place every July of each year for 35 years and has become a major festival and the largest annual arts event in Ireland. More than 500 artists will be present from America, Asia, Australia, Europe and of course Ireland. This year, the festival will focus on dance and theatre of America and Europe.

Galway International Arts Festival is not organized in the same way as other festivals. Indeed, we do not book the festival for a day or for a weekend, but for a particular artist.

For more information, you can check the official website of the event, where you will find all the artists and the price for each event. 

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