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18 Sep

Changes on the way for flights to Aran Islands

The Aran Islands are an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, on the mouth of Galway Bay. The three islands are reachable thanks to a ferry service that leaves daily from various towns in Connemara and thanks to some daily flights.

Aer Arann was the company that has provided the plane service from Inverin to the Islands for the last 45 years. The company has recently lost the tender for the service for the next 4 years, to the helicopter company Executive Helicopters.

The inhabitants of the islands didn’t react well to the news: the main concerns are about the future of the employees of Aer Arann and about the change from a fixed winged aircraft to helicopters.

On top of it, Executive Helicopters plans to fly from Galway Airport in Carnmore, near Galway City and around 50 km from Rossaveal port, where the ferry from the islands leaves.
Moving the service from Inverin to Galway means that in case the scheduled flight is cancelled, the passengers would have to drive for an hour to reach the nearest ferry.

It has been reported that the winner of the tender has been announced before Executive Helicopters signed the contract with Galway Airport, and there’s still no certainty if the service will fly from Carnmore.

A special meeting of Galway County Council is scheduled for next week, to discuss the contract and the future of the aircraft service for Aran Islands. 

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28 Aug

220 new jobs in Supermac’s

Supermac’s is a famous fast food chain that employs more than 3000 people. They want to open a new plaza on the M6 motorway to provide any service to the drivers who travel between Galway and Dublin. The site will be easily accessible to traffic traveling east and west.

The fast food outlet is about to employ around 220 new people in the near future. Moreover they are planning to open three other new plazas in the next years. The plaza will cost around €8 million and it is expected to open at the beginning of 2016.

If you are interested, more details are available on the Supermac’s official website

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07 Aug

50 new jobs to be created in Galway

Recently, the good news of employment has come from Galway.

Indeed, the company Industrial Info Resources (IIR), who is a market intelligence company, want to create the new positions for the future. This company is focused in market research, on the industrial processing, heavy manufacturing and energy related industries worldwide.

The aim is to double its team since its implantation in Galway in 2010.  This news has been announced by Ed Lewis, the CEO of IIR. Ged Nash, the Minister for Business & Employment had opened with Ed Lewis, the new office two months ago for this opportunity. The jobs will be created during the next five years. In final, 50 new positions will be created. If you want to have more details, you can visit their official website for the positions that will be on offer.

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31 Jul

Volunteer at Galway City Harriers Athletic Club

Galway City Harriers, founded in 1899, is an athletics club located in Galway catering for senior and juvenile athletes.

Every year, they organize an 8km road race. This year, on the 8th of August, they will celebrate the 30th year of the event. The run is going to start at 7 pm at the Claddagh.  The itinerary goes through the town centre, culminates in a 2km section along the promenade at Salthill and finishes at the Claddagh basin.

The race attracts runners of all standards and ages from all over Ireland and abroad. Their goal is to expand sport to every people: their motto is “run for all”.

In order to get everyone around the course with minimal obstruction, a large number of marshals are needed. They want to ensure to have a safe and speedy passage for everyone by having plenty of marshals at key points. No experience necessary, they just ask to have all marshals together for a race briefing before the race at 5pm. The event will finish around 9pm. Marshals will keep the race route clear and direct competitors on the course.

For more information, please visit the Galway Volunteer Centre webpage.
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06 Mar

Harry Potter Convention next week in Galway

Harry Potter Convention next week in Galway

The Galway Potterfest 2015 ( a huge Harry Potter fans  convention) will be held just in advance of St Patricks Day. The event will take place in University of Ireland in Galway for an entire weekend between Friday 13th and Sunday 15th.

There will be many activities linked to Harry Potter’s universe like Quidditch games, Wizardry courses, Degustation’s, Cosplay and panel discussions about many subjects. Prices are really affordable: 10€ for one day and 15 € for the entire weekend.

If you’re interested and if you’re looking for more information, please check the event website.

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27 Feb

Apple to open a Datacentre in Galway

Apple has planned to invest 1,7 billions $ in the construction of the two first datacentres in Europe, one in Galway and one in Jutland (Denmark). This datacentre in Galway will welcome iTunes, Appstore, iMessage, Plans and Siri’s offices for European customers.

Both centres should be sized of 166.000 m2 and would normally open in 2017. Tim Cook said about this new project: “This huge investment represents the biggest project that Apple ever undertook in Europe and we’re very proud of creating many jobs in these places”.

The centre is going to be eco-friendly and the energy that will be used is going to be 100% renewable. The American firm has already created 672.000 non-directs jobs in Europe (App Developer).

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20 Feb

New University project in Galway

NUI (National University of Ireland) just began the creation of the new Human Biology Building in the Galway campus. This new building is part of a €30 million investment project and will welcome the existing university disciplines of Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

The size of this new area is planned to be 8.200 m2 on a five storey building equipped with a rooftop.

Also this construction will create 200 new jobs in Galway and of course the university needs workforce to create this new building and to equip it.

For more information about this new project check this article.

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09 Feb

Engineers Week

Between February 8th and 14th Engineers week will take place in Galway to raise awareness of the possibilities that engineering can offer and highlight the importance that the sector has in Galway.

The last edition hosted 164 organizations across Ireland in 500 events, which attracted nearly 36,000 participants. The dedication of 2,200 volunteer engineers ensured a successful week. It's the perfect opportunity to show the positive impact of engineering on society, and to the school community, last year 294 school visits were recorded.

For the most restless, one of the highlights this year is an introductory workshop to editing Wikipedia content provided by Wikimedia Ireland Community (free but pre-booking is required).

See all the details on the official website of Engineers Week.

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03 Feb

Direct trains from Galway to Dublin Airport?

The Irish Rail Company is envisaging creating a long-term plan to run directly from Galway to Dublin. Furthermore the company wants to create the same plan for other major Irish cities like Cork and Limerick.

To create this connection, Irish Rail is thinking about creating an extension to the Dart Underground – Transportation system in Dublin. The project is estimated to cost €200 million and the permission has been already given. The €2 billion Dart underground plan linking Connolly and Heuston station in Dublin to the major cities has long been planned by transport strategists to prepare the future of Ireland and Dublin’s rail services.

The CEO of Irish Rails said: “As you move, as you see in other countries, to the electrification of intercity routes, you could then have direct routes from Galway, Cork and other major cities through the underground line to Dublin Airport”

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23 Jan

European Capital of Culture 2020: New Concert Hall

As you know Galway is one of the Irish cities that have created a bid and that is competing for the 2020 European Capital of Culture selection. In part of this challenge, one of the biggest projects will be to create a new concert hall and also to create a bigger community of spectators in Galway.

If Galway city council decided to add a major project to the new bid, it’s because they didn’t succeed last time because of a lack of infrastructure.

To finance this building, the city is expecting funds from the EU and also the mayor has already decided to unlock a €500,000 fund.

The final plan should contribute to the long-term cultural, economic and social development of the city.

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