EazyCity Job Plans

Have you just arrived and you are wondering where to start with work?

Have you got zero results in your job hunt so far?

You have a LinkedIn profile, but you don’t know how to use it to increase the chance of being contacted for a job opportunity?

Here at EazyCity we know that searching for a job abroad, in Ireland or UK, may be fruitless for a long period of time if you have little knowledge of the job market.
We can help you
to improve the way you run for a position in a company of your interest.

We have over 10 years of experience preparing candidates for Job Interviews in English. Book your Job Plan with one of our experts and increase your chances to get the job!

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Job Seeker PRO

The Job Seeker PRO includes:

  • Curriculum Vitae professional translation (we collaborate only with professional certified translators and the translation will include specific keywords related to the relevant job industry)
  • PDF documentation sent via email to help you to get off on the right foot in terms of interview and getting in touch with recruitment agencies and companies which are hiring international staff
  • Certificate of Address to obtain a PPS number, for those renting accommodation from EazyCity only

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